Our proposals aim to deliver new, enhanced public space and much needed homes around High Barnet station and to improve the interchange between different modes of transport.

Public realm and local
amenity space

Through sustainable placemaking, we want to create a lively, thriving community on land around the station.

Our aim is to make major improvements to the public realm by creating new high-quality spaces including an upgraded station square outside the station buildings and a pocket park that incorporates new play and amenity spaces.


Our proposals seek to enhance access to the station for pedestrians and cyclists by creating new and safer links to the area.

A pocket park with a widened, well-lit footpath, which meanders through the trees could replace the existing narrow walkway off Barnet Hill, making the station more accessible and providing opportunities
to relax and dwell.

Boosting the local

The proposals provide opportunities for new workspace and community uses that would help support the local economy and would complement, rather than compete with, Chipping Barnet and New Barnet town centres.

This could include providing affordable workspaces to help businesses start up and stay in the area. We anticipate that the proposals could directly provide 40 new full-time jobs and create 50 in the wider area.

Local quality homes and healthy living

We believe this site has the potential for over 450 new homes, which would help reduce the local housing shortage and fund infrastructure and public realm improvements, while supporting local town centres.

We want to ensure that local people have the first opportunity to buy the proposed new homes, which is why we will be offering them to UK and London buyers first, to help the community grow and stay
in the local area. 40 per cent of the new homes will be affordable.

We will engage with local residents, community groups and stakeholders to ensure views of the whole community are understood and are reflected in the proposals.